Hickman Edge Systems Warranties

Hickman Edge Systems offers the most comprehensive warranties available in the industry. See below for our Warranty Guide and details on each of our wind, workmanship, and color warranties.

Hickman Warranty Guide

Your one-stop for matching products with their warranties.

Wind Warranties

Lifetime, 215 MPH Wind Warranty

  • ​Fascia: TerminEdge EX, XT, HG, Canted, Drip Edge EX
  • Coping: PermaSnap Premier Plus 
  • Wood Nailer Alternatives: Eliminailer-T, EdgeBox RI

30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty

  • Gutter: Wind Resistant, Wind Resistant XL

20-Year, 120 MPH Wind Warranty

  • ​Fascia: TerminEdge One, TerminEdge One Extended, SafeGuard NP, Econosnap, Econocrimp, Creative Design, Extender with and without Offset
  • Coping: PermaSnap Premier, PermaSnap, PermaSnap Plus, PermaSnap Cantilever, PermaSnap Continuous Cleat, PermaSnap Double Slope, Creative Design 

10-Year, 90 MPH Wind Warranty

  • Fascia: Drip Edge (Kynar, TPO, PVC), MBED-B, Gravel Stop 
  • Coping: Roofer's Edge 
  • Gutter: Half Round, K-Style

Finish Warranties

30-Year Kynar® Finish Warranty

The 30-Year Kynar® Finish Warranty is available on all Kynar® finish products from our standard selection. It covers peeling, cracking, excess chalking, and fading of the paint finish.

Custom Kynar® Finish Warranty

The Custom Kynar® Finish Warranty is available through our applicator upon request for post-coated Kynar® finishes. The standard term is 10 years with an additional 10 years extended coverage available. Some restrictions may apply; contact Hickman for more details.

Other Information

5-Year Workmanship Warranty

The 5-Year Workmanship Warranty is available on all Hickman products and covers the replacement or repair of products that are defective in material or workmanship.

Full System Warranty

A Full System Warranty is available through our partners and covers the entire roof system under a single warranty. The system is inspected after the project is complete to assure proper installation. This ensures protection for the most vulnerable area of the roof against failure due to extreme wind uplift pressures. Contact the manufacturer's sales rep directly for more information.

Painted Materials and Cleaning Guide

Routine Maintenance Guide